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if youre an incoming college freshman who’s never been drunk before PLEASE make sure your first time isnt at a party, safety issues aside you WILL drink too much and you WILL embarrass yourself, there was some kid at the first frat party of the year last year who managed to fall down a full flight of stairs making two 180-degree turns in the process and throw up all over himself at the base of the stairs in the middle of the party. dont be that kid

i started drinking a lot during hs and now that im in college a lot of my friends r first time drinkers and i just feel so obliged to be the sober big sister going all like I WILL PROTECT U!!!

also its worth mentioning that when you go to your first party PLEASE GO WITH FRIENDS YOU TRUST and you know will have your back when you are totally turnt. also dont take substances unless you are absolutely sure you know what they are and dont drive drunk etc etc

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its kinda stang e

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aaAAAND heres some rly shameless and raunchy haruka/michiru GOODBYE I HAVE NO SHAME



so here’s a rare glimpse into my sketchpad. its a lot messier than my more polished digital works, but honestly its what i like about them. its refreshing not to spend hours upon hours on a specific detail, and instead just drawing everything in one go, trusting your hand to make more confident and vibrant lines. im still a bit rusty with my linework but hopefully i’ll learn to draw more organic and freeflowing works.


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